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Since the dawn of time, mystics have long prophesised the coming of an ancient amphibian bestowed with deathray vision and ectoplasmic slime. Emerging from deep within The Mystic Swamp, Froglord arise bringing their unique blend of stoner groove and psychedelic doom. With face melting fuzz and foot stomping grooves, Froglord’s reign of amphibious terror shall begin.

Formed during the pandemic as a one-man project, Froglord released their first EP in 2020, followed soon after by a full length album 'Amphibian Ascending'. Through their infectious grooves, storytelling, and DIY music videos, Froglord quickly amassed an online cult-like following. After the release of their second album 'The Mystic Toad' a year later, Froglord developed into a full 4-piece band as live venues began to reopen.  Since then, Froglord have released a further EP, split record, a single and two more full length albums 'Army of Frogs' and 'Sons of Froglord'. During this time Froglord has quickly gained a reputation for their commanding and theatrical stage performances.

Whilst Froglord's sound leans primarily toward stoner doom, they have been characterised for their genre-bending sound, with each album taking on it's own distinct style, taking stong influnces from pychedelia, prog, sludge, grunge, groove and blues; to deliver the tale of The Froglord through a concept-based discography.

Rooted also in environmentalism, Froglord has worked closely with Save The Frogs, the worlds largest amphibian-based conservation charity, raising over £2500 through "Save The Frogs" EP sales and campaigning, as well as £300 for the Human Dignity Trust through merch sales.

“Back with more smoky riffs, catchiness, and weird songs about amphibians…what more could you want?”

“Combining impossibly groovy stoner metal with a fantastical amphibian concept grounded in eco-conservatism”

“The music on the Froglord records echoes their lyrical subject matter brilliantly. Thanks in part to the sweaty grooves of New Orleans bands like Eyehategod and Crowbar…It’s an immersive listening experience, and Froglord is only just beginning to explore how far it can go.”

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